DMCA Page for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Date of Effect: 19 August 2023


Contact details:



send an email to

Physical address: Telangana, India, Khammam


Notification of Copyright Violation:


We are dedicated to protecting the rights of copyright holders and take copyright infringement very seriously. We invite you to contact us straight away if you think that your copyrighted work has been utilised or disseminated on our website [] in a manner that violates your rights. You must make a written message to us that contains the following details in order to report a copyright infringement:

A representative list of the copyrighted works at a single online site that are covered by a single notification, or enough details to identify the copyrighted work that you believe has been violated.

Identification of the allegedly illegal or subject to illegal behaviour material that needs to be removed or whose access needs to be restricted, as well as information that is reasonably sufficient to allow the service provider to find the item. If at all feasible, please give a direct URL to the allegedly infringing content.

a declaration that you genuinely believe the use of the item in the way that has been criticised is not permitted by the law, the copyright owner, or their agent.

a declaration that the details in the notification are true and, under penalty of perjury, that you have the right to act on behalf of the owner of the allegedly violated exclusive right.

Your physical or digital signature.

Please send the letter to our designated DMCA Agent at the following address:


Email: DMCA Agent: Sai Teja


Please be aware that anyone who deliberately makes a false statement that material violates the DMCA may be held liable.




You have the right to submit us a counter-notification if you think that the information you provided on our website was incorrectly deleted or access to it was unlawfully restricted. You must provide a written letter containing the following details in order to submit a counter-notification:

Identification of the content that has been deleted or access to which has been disabled, as well as the page where the content was present before being deleted or disabled.

a declaration made under penalty of perjury stating that you have a good faith conviction the material was taken down or disabled due to a typo or misidentification of the content that needed to be taken down or disabled.

Your physical or digital signature.

The address for our designated DMCA Agent, who will receive the counter-notification, is listed above.


Please be warned that false counter-notifications are subject to harsh penalties under the DMCA. Only if you are sure of your ownership of the item in question should you make a counter-notification.


Repetent Offenders:


Repeat violators of copyright are subject to account termination under certain conditions, according to our policy. If the same person repeatedly notifies us of alleged copyright infringement, we will take action to disable or terminate that person’s account.


Observe that the information is being supplied solely for informational purposes and does not represent legal advice. We advise seeking legal advice if you are unsure about your rights or the best course of action.




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